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Why Prepaid Makes Sense for Military Families

By Darin Morrow, Cricket VP and CIO



The Air Force is in my blood.


As a kid, I traveled from base to base with my family. Then I dragged my own family from town to town as a member of the Air Force. And now one son serves as a captain and the other plans to join the “family business” after he graduates from college.


Suffice to say, I’ve spent a lot of time in AAFES – which stands for Army & Air Force Exchange Service for all of you civilians. They’re basically grocery and departments stores rolled into one. That’s why I’m excited that Cricket devices and services are now in 122 military base exchanges across the country!


I know what an important role the Exchange plays in the lives of military families, and I think this pairing makes sense. From moving around to keeping an eye on the budget, military families have specific needs. And I’ve learned prepaid wireless can help meet them.


I’ve put together the top 5 reasons why prepaid (and Cricket Wireless) makes sense for military families.


1. One low price that fits into your budget.

For my family, a fixed pay scale meant keeping to a budget. Cricket prides itself on transparent pricing. Monthly taxes included. No hidden fees that pop up on your bill. You know exactly what you are paying at the beginning of every month.

With plans starting at $30 a month[1], Cricket Wireless has reliable, affordable service without compromising on a great network or premium smartphones – making wireless easy to budget.


2. Find a great new phone or BOYD (bring your own device).

Prepaid service doesn’t mean giving up the latest devices. We’ve got all the big names. We also offer devices that give you a little extra for your money, with big screens, high-res cameras and fast processors for less than $200.

Don’t want to buy a new phone?  Cricket lets you bring your own unlocked, network-compatible phone and activate on the Cricket network with the “Bring Your Own Device” SIM card.


3. We get it. The phone needs to work.

When you’re on the move and away from your family, your cellphone is a lot more than a piece of technology. They’re lifelines to friends and family around the world. So it has to actually work.

That’s part of my job as CIO of Cricket Wireless. We want to provide you a seamless experience that won’t stress you out. From our app to our customer service representatives, we’re here for you anytime you have a question or concern.

We make it easy to stay in touch. Cricket has a reliable nationwide network with more 4G LTE coverage than T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Sprint and Boost[2].


4. We’re as flexible as you.

When your living situation changes—deployment, moving bases or you just need to add or take off a line or device—having a month-to-month, no-annual-contract service gives you one less thing to worry about. We’re nationwide and online, so take your phone with you or make changes to your account anytime.

Need to go abroad? Painlessly cancel your service and take your phone with you. We work on a GSM network, so there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be able to get a compatible SIM card to use there. We’ll be here for you when you get back!


5. Love has no borders.

Military life often means having loved ones abroad. Cricket has plans that cover calling and SMS texting from the U.S. to 38 countries, including parts of Europe, Canada and Mexico. You can also add 12 additional countries including the Philippines, Vietnam and several in South America for a monthly fee.


Cricket excels in 3 areas important to military families. Affordability. Reliability. Flexibility. I’m honored to be part of a team that brings great options to families that already sacrifice so much. You deserve affordable options without sacrificing great, reliable service.  Thank you for all you do for our country!


[1] Activ./upgrade (up to $25/line) & add’l one-time fees (up to $3 Customer Assistance Fee) & rest’s may apply.  Coverage not avail. everywhere. See store for details.

[2]Based on coverage in U.S. Download speeds max of 8 Mbps (LTE)/4 Mbps (4G). Compatible device req’d. 4G LTE not available everywhere.